Epoxy Storage Freezers

Epoxy Storage Freezers

When it comes to storing company product, it’s important to ensure that all requirements for storage are met in order to keep the business running smoothly and customers satisfied. Whether your business is an epoxy provider, an installer, or your business uses epoxy in your projects and services, storing your premixed & frozen epoxy can be tricky without the right equipment on hand. With SolidCold products at your disposal, however, you can store these epoxy products easier than ever before!

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What Is Premixed & Frozen Epoxy?

As its name suggests, premixed and frozen epoxy is epoxy resin and hardener that is mixed, poured into containers, and then flash-frozen before it is shipped and stored. When ready to use, it can be thawed and dispensed as usual. This kind of epoxy product is usually supplied in pre-portioned syringes and premixed and frozen epoxy is ideal for applications where precision and efficiency are needed, such as electronic repair, staking, and thermal insulation; dental and medical device bonding; and small-scale industrial applications. While the classic epoxy products that are readily available to public are valuable in their own right for various applications, premixed and frozen epoxy syringes have been shown to reduce the risk of contamination when used in settings that require extra care or handling specifications. That lower risk makes this type of epoxy the preferred choice for sensitive or sterile application needs.


About Epoxy Freezing

Most premixed and frozen epoxy is stored at -40c or below, and has about a 30-minute work life. In order to keep your epoxy frozen and ready for use when you need it, it’s important to know what temperature it needs to be stored at, and many facilities find that it’s very difficult to store and freeze epoxy in-house without proper equipment. With SolidCold equipment on hand, however, you can easily maintain your epoxy without premature thawing or other issues.

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At SolidCold, our team is dedicated to providing top-quality products to our customers in a wide range of industries. Whether you’re storing epoxy for use in your services, products, or processes, SolidCold freezers and technologies can handle the job at hand with ease! Shop our selection and get started with a free quote today.

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