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Reliable Industrial, Biomedical & BIOPharma Freezer Solutions

With over 30 years of experience, SolidCold Corporation is a trusted name in the refrigeration industry.

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We are dedicated to delivering innovative, high-quality refrigeration solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers.

From our headquarters in Chino, CA, we proudly serve Southern California as the go-to provider for fast equipment turnaround time. We understand the urgency of replacing broken or outdated refrigeration units, which is why we strive to replace them within a few days' notice. With us, there is no need to rely on third-party service or sales.


Our San Diego, CA location houses our main service center, where we provide repairs, equipment rebuilds, and preventive maintenance services. We ensure that your refrigeration systems are always operating at their best, maximizing efficiency and minimizing downtime.But our reach goes beyond Southern California. We are proud to serve the following industries throughout the USA, offering our top-tier SolidCold products and partnering with trusted third-party service providers outside of SoCal.

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Aerospace

  • Biomedical

  • Industrial

No matter where or who you are, you can rely on us to keep your products safe and secure

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Original High-Grade Products

At SolidCold Corporation, we take pride in our own SolidCold brand. Our Value Series -86C freezers are manufactured with advanced single or twin single compressor technology, ensuring superior temperature uniformity, reliability, and energy efficiency. Compare our products to any ULT freezer on the market today, and you'll see the SolidCold difference.


Wide Range of Options for Any Industry

We understand that every laboratory, manufacturing facility, and industrial operation has unique needs. That's why we offer a wide selection of freezers and refrigerators, from countertop models to chest models to single-door standup models. Our goal is to provide you with the ULT freezers and refrigerators that fit your specific requirements.

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Trust SolidCold Corporation to be your trusted partner in refrigeration. Contact us today to discuss your needs and discover why we are the preferred choice for businesses seeking reliable and innovative refrigeration solutions. Experience the SolidCold Corporation difference for yourself. Explore our range of products and options for the perfect freezer solution.

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